Welcome to Teen Angst

July 30, 2008

Teen Angst… is a verbatim comedy night that was created by Sara Bynoe in 2000 in Calgary, AB, Canada.

For a full listing of all the Teen Angst Shows around the world please CLICK HERE.

Teen Angst began with www.TeenAngstPoetry.com – an online database of the world’s most embarrassing and awful Teen Angst Poetry. At the launch of the website in 2000, Sara Bynoe began hosting Teen Angst nights where she encouraged people to read their most embarrassing adolescent writing in front of an audience, since then Teen Angst has been performed across North America and in the UK.

In 2005 St. Martin’s Press published an anthology edited by Sara Bynoe titled: “Teen Angst: A Celebration of REALLY BAD Poetry.” The book is already in it’s second printing and there are plans for another anthology in the near future.

Thanks for checking out Teen Angst we hope we can inspire you to laugh at yourself and the products of angst.


“A smart high school English teacher would put this on a course list with Shakespeare.” Montreal Mirror

“It’s high time the rhyme-crazy juveniles of the world are celebrated as the poetic prodigies we truly were.” Nylon Magazine

“Teen Angst: A Celebration of REALLY BAD Poetry probably contains some of the very worst poetry in print today.” FFWD, Calgary

“It’s bad. But in a good way of course.” The WestEnder, Vancouver

“Bloody hilarious”- ION magazine

“Who knew bad poetry could be so good. Funny and poignant, but mostly funny.” -Canadian Actor Review