When I started TeenAngstPoetry.com I divided Teen Angst into different categories, they are:

1- I am alone and no one understands my pain

2- I will never love again

3- Life sucks and I want to die

4- Obvious metaphors and figurative language poems. I am a Rose. I am an island. I’m a bad poet.

5- Odes to people who felt your pain like, Marilyn Manson, Trent Resnor, and pretty much anyone from 90210.

6- Them  – Ya know, poems about people that never had teen angst, or caused your teen angst.

7- Political action. Fight the power poems- I’m a 16-year-old punk rock vegetarian in Alberta. Damn the man!

8- Fuck you! Or Fuck off! Go to hell. Fuck off and Die. May gophers gnaw your tits off!

9-  Love poems which I call “More Than Like”

10- For Fun. Silly limericks etc.


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