The verbatim comedy solo show of Sara Bynoe.

Somewhere in the back of your closet gathering dust and turning yellow with age is comedic gold. Those old journals, poems, and essays you wrote as a teenager when you thought you could do no wrong, if you were to read it today you’d probably cringe at your former feelings. Imagine sharing that shame in front of an audience. That’s exactly what Sara Bynoe- the ‘Teen Angst Poetry Queen’ – has been doing for years.

A leader of the mortification movement, in 2000 Sara started TeenAngstPoetry.com; an online database of the world’s most purple poetry. She soon after began hosting readings encouraging everyone to join her in a celebration of awfulness. Then she edited an anthology; Teen Angst: A Celebration of REALLY BAD Poetry (St. Martin’s Press, 2005). In 2006 she sold out her performance of BAD GRAD at Calgary’s famous High Performance Rodeo. Now she has taken the best of the worst of her Teen Angst for this solo show, Fuck Off and Die: Tales in Teen Angst Poetry.


The show is a medley of verbatim comedy; poems of rhyming swears, classic teen ravings like ‘no one understands my pain’ and ‘I will never love again,’ a heart-bleeding song inspired by break-ups and an ode or two to Kurt Cobain.

Part stand-up comedy, part poetry reading, and part verbatim theatre, Fuck Off and Die is a heartfelt yet hilarious valentine for every lonely, angry and misunderstood teenager that ever lived because the truth is everyone understands your pain. Especially Sara.

You will leave this show wishing you never threw out/ burned your old journals -or really thankful that you did.


London, UK, Spoken Space, 2009

Vancouver, Canada, 2008

Bumbershoot, Seattle, USA, 2008

Uno Festival, Victoria, Canada, 2008 (a portion of this show was performed)

Toronto Fringe, 2007


From the Toronto Fringe 2007
“Who knew bad poetry could be so good. Funny and even poignant, but mostly funny. Lots of ‘cringe worthy’ lines that will take you back to your years of angst (and hey, some of may still be there) in a way that you will enjoy. I was expecting a screaming rant. This is anything but. Recommended.”
-Canadian Actor Online

“Absolutely brilliant! She takes you on a bright and cheerful journey through the dark and morose and highly self-referential jungle of teenage angst poetry. It’s absolutely, deliriously hilarious for anyone, especially those of us who were grungers and misfits, who were tragically poetic and poetically bored, in the ’90’s.”
-Experimental Experiment

“If you have ever written a poem, go to this show.
If you have ever cried while listening to music, go to this show. (If you have ever cried while listening to Nickelback, go to this show twice. You need the reality check.)”
-Audience Review

Sara is such a strong performer! I was riveted. (except when she tried to tell me I was like Molly Ringwald… then I felt betrayed… who gave YOU the right to JUDGE MY PAIN?!!!… utterly betrayed… )
-Audience Review


-Running time – 55 min.
Although this show can be adapted into shorter segments to suit any event.
-Set up and strike time – 10 min.
-Approx. 30 sound and 30 lighting cues. All are transitional.
-Lights designed on a festival hang plot. Using one general wash, one cool wash, three spots and no specials. Can also be adapted to a very minimal space.
-Set: Two chairs and one stool.
-A stage minimum of 6′ X 6′


Depending on the venue this show draws people as young as 12 to people in their 80s.  This is a show for anyone has ever been a teenager, anyone who can laugh at themselves, and anyone who enjoys bad poetry.



Contact sarabynoe (at ) gmail.com directly.


My daughter really wanted to see this show. I was mildly interested, and my wife only went along to humor us. All three of us loved it.

It even inspired me to write a poem:


I was alone

With no one near

To hear me cry

I could not fly

My wings, my soul

Trapped in a bowl

And dark, dark, darkness

Blackened the uttermost depths of my black despair.
Then Sara came

And like a flame

She lit the night



The bowl tipped over

My soul flew free!

To fly, and flit

And write pure sh*t!


My director AJ Demers, Wendy Gorling (for movement coaching), Paul, Rohel, Zack and Anthony (for letting me read their boy angst),  Joleen Sadler (for years of support/ pep talks), Laura Ross (for helping SM in Toronto), Emily Cain (who provided the reason to do the Toronto Fringe with her wedding in July), the Corriea-Damude family (for opening up their house to me), my family (for their endless love and support), everyone who has ever attended a teen angst night, and anyone who ever loved or hated me, oh and my teen angst self for being okay with being made fun of.

Special thanks to Jeanette Burman of Calgary, AB, Canada whose song inspired the title of this show. It was a crowd favorite at the olden timey Teen Angst Nights in Calgary and is a fantastic song I wish she would record and get radio play for.


One comment

  1. Hey, Im just writing you to say that your show on the 30th at Bumbershoot was unbelievably amazing.
    I knew it had to be spectacular with a name like Fuck Off and Die: Tales in Teen Angst Poetry, but yeah. Possibly the best show of Bumbershoot this year.

    I was also wondering if, by chance, at some point in the future you would be coming back this way to Seattle. Because if you are I would really really like to know, cause Ive been spreadin’ the word and people ’round here definitly want to see your show now. Well, yup. What’s needed to be said has been said.


    Nick Jones

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