The only rules that need to apply to Teen Angst nights are the following:

1 – The work has to be your own. ‘The work’ can be anything: poetry, journals, letters, songs, short stories, notes passed, online chats, anything so long as it’s your own and…

2- The work must have been written by you between the ages of 8-19. (Usually between the years between 10-17 are the most angst filled.)

3 – You have to be at least 3 years older than you were when you wrote ‘the work.’ (You need the emotional distance to get the funny).

That’s it!

Ok, but here are some guidelines for getting the most out of your Teen Angst experience.

1 – If you come across a piece of your own Teen Angst that you want to burn or rip to shreds because it is too embarrassing- that’s the good stuff! We want to hear that!

2 – Have fun. Sure, Teen Angst is cathartic but it’s not about going back to the dark pit of despair you were in at 15 it’s about laughing at yourself when you were 15 and being to fricken’ thankful that you’re not there anymore. If you have fun sharing, we will have fun listening.

3- Keep your readings around 5 min. Teen Angst nights are kind; we don’t audition, we don’t judge, but we don’t have all night. Choose the best bits and share your stories in 5 minute chunks and we’ll be begging to hear more!

That about covers it- but if you have any more questions, just ask. We’re nice like that.


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